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New opportunities for business and investment in Saudi Arabia’s healthcare sector
In 2021, Saudi Arabia launched its ambitious health sector transformation programme (HSTP) as part of it Vision 2030 strategy.

The programme aims to ensure access to quality healthcare services to all Saudis through a comprehensive integrated healthcare system.

By 2025, Saudi Arabia aims to have 88 per cent of its population covered by inclusive health services, and 100 per cent of the population to be covered by an integrated digital medical records system.

But with a population that is projected to rise from about 35 million people today to nearly 40 million by 2030, the government cannot achieve these goals on its own. Increased private sector participation is essential.

The key objectives of the healthcare vision realisation programme are to:
•Enhance accessibility and quality of the healthcare sector
•Develop an integrated & comprehensive healthcare system
•Fast track privatisation and expansion
•Create additional capacity for the growing market
•Easing the demand on the public sector

With plans to invest $66bn in its healthcare infrastructure, and the goal of boosting private sector participation from 40 per cent to 65 per cent by 2030, the programme offers abundant business, investment and career opportunities for anyone involved in Middle East healthcare.

Healthcare in Saudi Arabia, is an exclusive discussion hosted by Mashreq JLL MEED knowledge partnership that examines objectives, Saudi Arabian healthcare market, and the increase by the private sector to take a leading role in providing pivotal healthcare services.

The panel will discuss:
•The drivers of demand for healthcare services in Saudi Arabia
•Capacity in Saudi Arabia’s including key resources and indicators
•The objectives and outlook for Saudi Arabia’s healthcare infrastructure development plans
•Important investment opportunities available in the healthcare sector in Saudi Arabia
•The evolution of the rapid advancements in technology to provide an integrated medical system


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