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New Developments in the Gulf Energy Market
About the GCC Energy Transition Webinar Series

The world is undoubtedly in a period of transition. Governments, industries and organizations across the globe are reflecting on how to ‘build back better’ from the COVID-19 pandemic with resilience, equity and sustainability in mind. The current low oil and gas prices have fueled discussions about the need to accelerate the energy transition. Despite their abundant oil and gas resources, many Gulf states have taken proactive steps towards energy diversification.

This webinar series will explore the Gulf’s energy transition and the opportunities it presents to Dutch businesses. It will also identify some of the channels available for market entry, via intermediaries, such as local contractors and other partners.

Webinar 1: New developments in the Gulf energy market: macro trends and market tools for Dutch SMEs
Webinar 2: Opportunities for LNG and green hydrogen in the Gulf region
Webinar 3: Opportunities for solar in the Gulf region

Are you a Dutch business interested in the Gulf energy market?

Join us on our first webinar of the GCC Energy Transition Webinar Series

Topic: New developments in the Gulf energy market

10.00 – Introductions and Welcome
10.05 – Presentation on the Gulf Energy Market
10.40 – Q&A on presentation and attendee poll
10.45 – Introducing the Netherlands Energy Technology Platform
10.55 – Interview discussion with successful international contractor
11.10 – How Dutch businesses can be supported
11.15 – Q&A Session: a chance for attendees to ask questions of the speakers
11:30 –Close event

When: Sep 24, 2020 12:00pm GST (10am CET)


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